Bella Vista Courtesy Van

Helping Bella Vista Residents Help Themselves Since 1992


Change of Vaccination Policy effective May 1, 2023

➢ Effective May 1, 2023: The Bella Vista Courtesy Van will no longer require vaccinations against Covid-19. This applies to Clients as well as the Courtesy Van Drivers and Schedulers.

➢ We do understand that there may be some of our current Clients that might have some concerns with this change. We strongly encourage you to contact your medical professional for advice regarding your personal health and this change in our policy.

The Board of Directors Bella Vista Courtesy Van Inc

Request a Ride

This service is offered to Bella Vista Residents ONLY.
Requests are made by calling our Office Number 479-855-7663 and leaving a message at least 48 hours and up to 2 months before service is requested.
Your appointment will then be confirmed by one of our friendly schedulers within 48 hours.


Courtesy Transportation

The Bella Vista Courtesy Van is an all-volunteer organization that transports Bella Vista residents free of charge who can no longer drive, by reason of age or health.

Client Guidelines


Our vans are wheelchair accessible. We provide transportation from 8:45am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Residents are taken to appointments such as doctors, rehab, beauty shops, as well as for personal trips such as shopping.
INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: The Courtesy Van will not operate if Bentonville Public Schools close due to inclement weather.


Service Area

The Courtesy Van travels as far North as the Jane Walmart, as far south as I-49 exit 81, Pleasant Grove. As far east as Dixieland Road and as far west as Centerton's Main Street. We have TWO EXCLUSION ZONES that we DO NOT service: Pinnacle Hills Mall and Village On The Creeks.

Bella Vista residents need your help!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Bill Puskas at:

402-981-1571 or


Volunteer Drivers

Two drivers are needed each week day, 5 days a week, to provide transportation to our neighbors. Each driver is asked to serve 2 week days a month from 7:45am to 5:00pm. Volunteers are trained and allowed to choose days which best fit their schedule.

Driver Application

Volunteer Schedulers

Schedulers work from home confirming rides, returning calls, and scheduling appointments. A computer and internet connection are required. Each scheduler works 2-3 shifts a month with each shift consisting of 1-2 hours in the afternoon and then 1-2 hours starting at 7AM the next morning.

Scheduler Application


We need your help and support!


Your help and support are needed to maintain our free service. The economy has affected our expenses for gasoline, insurance and vehicle maintenance which continue to increase. Please consider making a gift to the Bella Vista Courtesy Van in your will. It is a gift that provides an opportunity to make a significant contribution toward the continuation of services and programs for the Bella Vista community. Our legal name is Bella Vista Courtesy Van, Inc.


Donations, (none are too small),
can be sent to the following address:

Bella Vista Courtesy Van
1801 Forest Hills Boulevard
Suite 120
Bella Vista, AR 72715


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Your help is greatly appreciated!

About Us

Mission: "To provide FREE courtesy transportation for persons who live in the City of Bella Vista who can no longer drive due to age and/or health."

The Bella Vista Courtesy Van has been operating in Bella Vista for more than 30 years. This service is provided free of charge. Its mission is to provide transportation for residents who may not have transportation or cannot drive for one reason or another. The non-profit functions with a crew of volunteers only. There are no paid employees. The volunteers include a board of directors, a driver crew, maintenance volunteers and schedulers who are the administrative/office volunteers.
Courtesy Van exists on donations and grants. It takes quite a sum of capital each year for three vans to be maintained, to pay for fuel, and pay for insurance. Please consider making a gift to the Bella Vista Courtesy van in your will. It is a gift that provides an opportunity to make a significant contribution toward the continuation of services and programs for the Bella Vista community. Our legal name is Bella Vista Courtesy Van, Inc.
Volunteers are vital to the BVCV effort. At least two drivers are required every day, five days per week. They begin their day at 7:45 a.m. Drivers must be younger than 77, have up-to-date driver credentials, be willing to drive twice per month, and be trained by a designated BVCV driver volunteer. Drivers sign up for their preferred schedule each month. Contact Board Chair, Bill Puskas, 402-981-1571 or to become a driver.
Schedulers for the BVCV are so dedicated that some have worked for 10 years or longer. The schedulers work from home scheduling and confirming client rides. Schedulers can work 3 to 4 days per month.
The board of directors meet every other month.

Bella Vista Courtesy Van Board Members

Board Member Position Telephone #
Bill Puskas President 402-981-1571
OPEN POSITION Vice President
Galen Thiele Secretary 479-644-9507
Bob Pierce Treasurer 337-489-4555
Allen Lovell Driver Coordinator 479-696-9100
Phyllis Rice Driver Coordinator 713-724-1714
Bob Pierce/Bill Puskas Scheduler Liaison 337-489-4555
Steve Skaggs Maintenance Coordinator 417-793-2599
Steve Alge Website Coordinator 479-366-8984
Mark Brightwell Member 501-472-2975